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Our company has its own software development process, formed from long experience and up to date technologies of development management, including both worldwide methods and our own elaborations.

1. You send us the vision of your project you would like to realize

Project development starts with the definition of problems you want to solve with it. That is why a technical description is the determinant from the clarity and particularity of which the project progress depends on. Example of project description

2. We prepare a detailed proposition with precise estimation

Analysis of requirements, you demand of the project is an important stage, from which technical and functional features of the project are determined. We work closely to you to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of your project needs, to define structure details, form and realization of the future software product. Technical proposal, made the way you obtain the exact idea of the look of the software, contains the following parts:

  • Introduction – technical proposal and project description.
  • Principal problems solved by the product;
  • Main sections of the system.
  • Data model – a description of data base tables and containing fields.
  • Functional – a detailed description of functions and working results of the product.
  • Interface – a description of sections, operations and specific actions of the section. A description of basic objects of the form, its functions and interaction with user.
  • Realization – a detailed description of technical requirements, data base, amount of form views and printable forms.

At this stage a customer is able to manage the product, which he will receive in the long run. The accurately developed plan with the maximum precise estimate is the basis of the highest possible mutual understanding of developers and customer.

3. After the confirmation of the detailed plan we form a team and make up a schedule

We are able to choose from a pool of developers being flexible to build a team in accordance to any expected project. Working exclusively on your project our developers confirm the schedule with intermediate releases, so that you could have a clear image of the development process (see “Intermediate versions”). Example of time estimation

4. After the plan approval we start the work according the schedule

On this stage we start the project development according to the approved plan. Example of calendar plan

5. During the work process we inform you every week on a regular basis

In order to make the development process transparent and controllable we make progress reports. We describe the degree of project completion, amount of spent man-hours and possible conditions provided by the customer. We conduct a weekly meeting according to scrum technology, both for internal and custom projects. That allows us to make an intermediate estimation of the work. During the years we keep reports on spent time that help us to make estimations using accumulated experience on similar problems.

Release of intermediate versions is intended for exact vision of current stage of the development and fixation of realized functions and features. Each version is a subject of much study, testing and verifying according to the detailed test plan. Usually we make Intermediate release on a weekly basis in order to let the customer see some result, successfully track the progress and manage it if necessary. These releases contain Intermediate result; report on spent man-hours, general project information, obstacles and progress, additional questions if necessary.

6. On the final stage we send you a resulting version, test it together and implement finishing

The project development ends with the final version release of the program, which completely meet the demands of the customer by quality, performance and functional. The software product with the in-line documentation is delivered to the customer. Example of requiriment summary table, Example of test plan

7. Since the work completion made by initial plan we provide the following support and additional (according to additional agreements)

The maintenance of working software is provided by our specialists in order to completely meet the demands of the client. Regular updates and consultations can help to overcome possible obstacles and make the product exactly the way you see it!

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