Example of calendar plan

I've finished the code review of the project. I don't see any problems now except reports that you send directly on printer (I mean modules reports, dayprint, dayrpt, ATTENTIONREPORT, productionreport, idreport, completereport, feedingmilkfeedreport) As far as I understood you commented all these reports, but didn't drop them from the project. Why? Is it final decision? What is the 'Printer Setup' for then?

Anyway, I reserved 16 hours on these things in my estimation..

We suggest separating the project on three stages:

I can work about 30 hours per week on this project, and I can start on Monday, so:

Detailed estimation and production timetable is:

Stage 1 (release - may, 26)

Milestone 1 (April, 17)

Work Hour
Common modules (hardware, logs and data formats)  16h
Rtf-reports (7) 8h
Main window 8h

Milestone 2 (April, 24)

Work Hour
Lock Keyboard 1h
Login 3h
Change Login 3h
Setup/General 8h
Automatic-ID setup 8h

Milestone 3 (May, 2)

Work Hour
Meter Manager II Setup 4h
Attention Setup 6h
Dealer Setup 3h
Alarm Setup 3h
Parlor Network Setup 4h
Network Statistics 3h

Milestone 4 (May, 8)

Work Hour
Network Stress Setup 3h
Parlor Alive Check 3h
End of Day processing 3h
Work with On/Off-line 3h
Select cow 3h
Edit cow record 8h
Cow production Log 3h
Select cow number 3h
Quick edit tag numbers 3h

Milestone 5 (May, 15)

Work Hour
Edit milk/feed table 8h
Edit milk/feed entry 4h
Group Feeding Setup 8h
Reset Silo Level 3h
Quick Milk Results 5h
Bulk Tank Estimation 5h

Milestone 6 (May, 22)

Work Hour
Edit daily milk yield 3h
New lactation 3h
Your dealer information 1h
About 1h
Direct printer reports (separation report + print setup) 16h
Installation 16h
Final testing, fixing, reserve time 25h

Stage 2 (release - June, 5)

Work Hour
Replacing using char constant to String Table items 40h