Released new product «Auction Formula»


We released a new product «Auction Formula».

«Auction Formula» provides the automation of auction procedures and other property sales methods and debtor liabilities. Ability to generate various documents, concerned with preparation and maintenance stages of auction. The program is designed to meet the demands of specialists, working in crisis management.

Key features

  1. Various bidding types: auction, tender, public offering, sales of agriculture property or other “special” (limited in sales) property, transfer of social housing resources and social-significant objects, transfer of non-realized property.
  2. Information import of saleable or assignable property, debtor liabilities from «Arbitral Manager Assistant», «Auto Liquidator», «1C», MS Excel inventory sheet, other systems (used in trusted funds) for lot generation.
  3. Preparation to auction. Saleable property splitting into lots. Definition of type, order and dates of auction, or transfer forms and its parameters (dates, conditions etc.).
  4. Auction maintenance: registration of auction participation requests, participants’ presence, offers by lots and auction winner, request confirmation, finishing price of lot.
  5. Execution of all concluded deals. Data export to other systems («Arbitral Manager Assistant», «Auto Liquidator», «1C»).

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