Software developement

Auto Liquidator

Complex legal system to automate the liquidation of enterprises of various ownership patterns. Auto Liquidator provides a competent maintenance of enterprise liquidation procedure in full conformity with requirements of the legislation without additional assets attraction.

SRO Expert

Complex legal system of process automation of self-regulable organization and arbitral managers' interaction arrangement by electronic information exchange. The system essentially increases effectiveness and productivity both inside the SRO and of cooperation with its members. Owing to SRO Expert system a self-regulable organization always observes the actual state of its managers, procedures and gets rid of large amount of routine work, letting computer do it instead

Pension insurance contracts

Program intended for use by agents and affiliates of the Non-state pension fund. Registration of all necessary data. Generation all the necessary documents, the export / import data in various formats between agents, affiliates of the fund and the central office, as well as government agencies.

University Media portal

Large intranet portal for corporate media resources management. The system consists of about 50 satellite dishes and about 200 plasma panels. The system can manage delivery of audio and video information using multicast and «on demand». Most part of the system is server part, which includes several hundred computers managed from one location and transfer of audio and video streams over the network between them.

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