Web Developement


Site of the rating agency «Region» includes service description provided by the company, feedback and support service and a register of legal documents and certificates.


The site is dedicated to the software product «Auto Estimator» developed by “Russian Informational Technologies”, including detailed description of the program, its features, necessary in-line documentation and ordering form.

University Media portal

Large intranet portal for corporate media resources management. The system consists of about 50 satellite dishes and about 200 plasma panels. The system can manage delivery of audio and video information using multicast and «on demand». Most part of the system is server part, which includes several hundred computers managed from one location and transfer of audio and video streams over the network between them.

Russian Informational Technologies

Online representation of «Russian Informational Technologies» Company which lines of activities include informational technologies, software development (including custom software development), design, web-development, interface engineering, registration juridical services , reorganization, liquidation, bankruptcy, bond purchases and tax optimization.

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