Our team

Name Experience (years) Position Key skills
Viktor V 20 team lead c#, php, c++
Irina Ch 13 team lead c#, c++
Andrew V 10 senior dev c#
Kirill F 6 team lead Objective C, java, с#/c++/php
Anna E 6 senior dev c#
Denis K 6 team lead php
Akeksey P 5 dev php
Danil U 3 dev Objective C, java, flash
Kirill Sh 10 senior dev c#
Aibulat A 3 dev c#, c++
Andrew Ka 4 dev php
Roman U 4 senior dev php, ruby
Alena G 3 tester
Roman T 2 junior dev php
Artem D 1 junior dev c#
Oleg Z 1 junior dev java
Andrew Ko 8 senior dev php, java
Danil P 3 designer
Anna A 6 tech writer
Aleksey L 2 junior dev php
Alexsandr I 2 dev php, ruby, python

The blameless quality of our products is provided by our specialists first of all. Having a long experience and deep knowledge, they make up a team, which turns your project from a mere idea to reality.

Our analysts, working closely to the client, realize a number of demands placed on the future project and make the project problem definition.

  • Quantity: 3. Average work experience: 5 years.
  • Technologies: Visio, ErStudio, MS Word, MS Excel, Balsamiq Mockups

Experienced project-managers lead the development of project realization strategy, analysis of project documentation, schedule preparation and its regular adjustment. One of the main principles is coordination of all members of the team and reporting preparation.

  • Quantity: 3. Average work experience: 7 years.
  • Technologies: Jira, Chilli, Skype, ICQ, E-mail, MS Word, MS Excel

Having knowledge in various fields of software development, out specialists compare benefits and possible drawbacks of different technologies to choose a suitable combination of functionality and quality. Our specialists supplement each other using long experience and deep knowledge to make a quality product in a cost efficient process.

  • Quantity: 16. Average work experience: 5 years.
  • Technologies: MS Visual Studio, GCC, GNU/MS Make, Wix, NSIS, MSSQL, MSAccess, Oracle, C#, C++, Java, fo, SVN, CVS, Nant, php, yii, Zend Framework, Bitrix, Flash, Objective C, Node JS, CofeeScript

Testing of the project is carried out right during the development. Regular unit testing reveals possible mistakes and allow having an actual product version within easy reach. Even a single document, a portion of code, logic units, interface and data relations are a subject of much study, testing and verifying. Our testers spend a proper amount of time in order to illuminate all possible mistakes in the product before delivering to the client.

  • Quantity: 3. Average work experience: 3 years.
  • Technologies: Nunit, AutoIt, WMWare

Technical writers
While our products are very intuitive in-line documentation and detailed information help to understand much better, learn its key properties and interesting features. Our document writers, having technical and literature skills make it quiet easy to you.

  • Quantity: 2. Average work experience: 3 years.
  • Technologies: Visio, docbook, MS Word

Except the functional part every our product must have comfortable and intuitive interface. Being a face of a program it defines the first impression of our product. That is why our designers try to make this impression the as pleasant and unforgettable as possible.

  • Quantity: 2. Average work experience: 4 years.
  • Technologies: Adobe Creative Suite, Corel Draw

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